In an effort to assist our customers with preparing an area for a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System, FPS has come up with these Design Considerations for Special Agents. Our customers have found them helpful when constructing an area.


  1. The perimeter walls of the room should be full height.
  2. With subfloor applications, bulkheads shall be installed to properly isolate the suppression ones.
  3. The access doors to all protected areas should have door seals and sweeps as well as automatic door closures.
  4. Any penetrations to the exterior walls for cables or conduit should be sealed.


  1. Any supply or return air from the building system should have motor operated dampers for closure upon the control system’s second alarm.  These are necessary to help contain the agent within the hazard in the event of a discharge.  The dampers become extremely important when the above ceiling area is used as a return air plenum, which is tied into the building air system


  1. If electrical power to computer equipment is required to have an emergency power off switch, which shall be tied into the control panel via a dry contact.
  2. The dedicated air unit and any dampers should be interconnected for shutdowns with the control panel.  All power for these interconnections shall be independent of control panel and located within their own enclosures.
  3. 120 VAC power circuit will have to run through a dedicated 20-amp circuit breaker to the releasing control panel, pre-action air compressor, and VESDA power supply.
  4. Typically, an interconnection between the control panel and the building Life Safety System is required by local codes.

Unique Considerations

  1. Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Containment areas
  2. External Humidification Systems
  3. Continual Mixing/HVAC running.
  4. Exhaust Purge Systems

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