What is an ERRCS System?

A ERRCS system is essentially a signal boost in a building with poor Emergency Responder Radio Communication System (ERRCS) connection.  These systems are sometimes identified as a BDA (Bi-Directional Amplification) System. The system is installed to improve the communication and safety of first responders who might have to enter the building in case of an emergency. FPS is FCC certified to install ERRCS systems.

Who Needs ERRCS Systems?

There is a common misconception that only high-rise buildings need ERRCS systems; however, that is untrue. Any building that has poor connectivity is or will soon be required by your local authority having jurisdiction. 

How Do I Know If My Building Needs a ERRCS System?

Existing Construction – You may be unsure if your building needs a ERRCS system. If so, you can contact us at FPS, and we can come into your building and easily test the signals.

New Construction – If you’re involved in the construction plans of a new building and you do not know if your building will need a ERRCS system or if you see ERRCS in the plans but are unsure of what that entails, contact us, and we can help you through the process. 

Are There Codes That Require a ERRCS System?

The IFC and NFPA require all new buildings to have the GAT test done to ensure proper radio communication of first responders.  If your facility is in the US, it is required. Note: There are many code officials that do not know of this requirement or have little knowledge.  FPS is meeting with local officials and engineering firms to provide education on these systems and the codes. We do know that many municipalities in NV and CA are now up to date on the requirements and will require the GAT test.

Who Can Provide the Testing Required for a ERRCS System?

FPS has the equipment required to perform the GAT test of the radio signal strength in your current facility and on ground of a potential new facility.  The equipment works together and records the signal strength along with providing us with a report indicating the levels throughout your facility.

Who can install a ERRCS system?

The FCC requires all installers to have a “GROL” (General Radio Telephone Operation License).  FPS has technicians with a GROL license.  FPS has installed multiple systems in the US.

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