The manufacturing of ECARO-25 (HFC-125) is being phased down as part of the AIM Act recently passed by Congress.  For detailed information please click here

Introduced to the market in 2004 by Fike, ECARO-25 is an electrically non-conductive, non-corrosive fire suppression agent. The agent is free of residue and has a zero ozone-depletion potential.  The ECARO-25 fire suppression system requires 20& less agent per cubic foot than an HFC-227 ea or FM-200 system and 30% less than FK-5-1-12 Systems.  ECARO-25 is 15% more efficient in hold time than a HFC-227 ea or FM-200 fire suppression systems, and 25% more efficient than a FK-5-1-12 system. To suppress a fire, the agent relies upon its ability to absorb the heat energy from the combustion reaction at the molecular level. The agent also forms free radicals that chemically interfere with the chain reaction of the combustion process. Stored in a sealed cylinder in a liquid state, ECARO-25 discharges through nozzles attached to a pipe network. The agent is activated by a comprehensive control system of detectors and pull stations.

ECARO-25 Superior Features

In addition, the superior physical properties of ECARO-25 allows us to utilize small diameter piping over long distances. Because of this the clean agent pipe network design much easier and less expensive. ECARO-25 is 15% more efficient in hold time than a HFC-227 ea or FM-200 fire suppression systems. The agent is 25% more efficient than a FK-5-1-12 system.  ECARO-25 does not displace oxygen and therefore is safe for use in occupied spaces without fear of oxygen deprivation.

ECARO Agent Storage Containers

ECARO Clean Agent


Typical applications include: computer rooms, record & data archive vaults, control rooms, media storage, clean rooms, art / historic collections, and many more. The ECARO-25 agent and associated system components are UL Listed and FM approved. SSI offers ECARO-25 clean agent fire suppression through our quality line of Fike suppression system products.

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