E3 Series

The E3 Series® from Gamewell-FCI is the most sophisticated, yet customizable and cost-effective fire safety system available. Built around innovative, but proven technology it represents the future of fire alarm control, assisted voice evacuation and mass notification. Designed using a “building block” approach, the E3 Series is a full function fire alarm system easily configurable into a distributed network with advanced voice capability. But only the E3 Series has something more: the added benefit of broadband technology, allowing complete system integration over just two wires or fiber optic cables.

E3 Series Features and Benefits

  • 2 to 244 SLCs each supporting 159 sensors, 159 modules and 159 addressable sounder bases (In Styles 4, 6, or 7*)
  • 625K baud ARCNET communications using wire, fiber, or mixed configurations for installation flexibility
  • High-speed 32 bit processor and 8100 event history log
  • Advanced Boolean logic-based programming such as AND, OR, NOT, time delay and calendar functions configurable via computer programming
  • Supports up to (16), ASM-16 addressable switch or ANU-48 LED driver modules per ILI-MB-E3/ILI95-MB-E3
  • Two Class A, Style Z or Class B, Style Y, notification appliance circuits rated at 2.0 amps. per circuit
  • Integral city connection
  • Flexible 115,200 baud high speed RS-232 interface
  • 40 character user-defined text per device
  • 15 LCD-SLP displays/annunciators, 6 LCD-E3 displays/annunciators, 5 LCD-7100/RAN-7100 remote LED annunciators per ILI-MB-E3/ILI95-MB-E3
  • UL Listed for smoke control (dedicated and non-dedicated) when properly configured
  • FM/UL Listed for Pre-action/Deluge use