Sunday night, October 18, 2009, CureSearch, the world’s largest childhood cancer research organization, experienced an electrical fire in their main data center.

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS), responsible for providing continuous power and battery back up for the main data center, shorted causing a fire. Smoke was quickly detected by the smoke detection system. Seconds later, the Fike ECARO-25 waterless suppression system automatically extinguished the fire. The resulting fire damage was minor and contained within the UPS switchgear cabinet.

The Fike ECARO-25 clean agent system extinguished the energized electrical fire without the use of water thereby eliminating collateral water damage and costly clean up.

CureSearch contacted their 24 hour on call Fike service vendor. Service technicians responded to the problem immediately, serviced and recharged the system. The client’s critical power to the data center was never lost and there was no damage to their valuable data.

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ECARO 25 Fire Suppression

Our Fike vendor provided excellent service after the fire occurred. The professionalism and commitment shown by their field technicians speaks volumes of the company they represent. I am impressed by the level of service we received and feel at ease knowing our Foundation is in safe hands.

– Don Leibowitz, facilities manager for CureSearch

We are proud to have played a role in protecting the data processing for such a noteworthy organization.