Macurco Gas Detection specialize in gas detection for vehicle exhaust systems such as parking garages, loading docks, etc. The Macurco 6 & 12 Series fixed gas detectors provide life-saving solutions aimed to protect people and property. These fixed gas detectors are designed for low-level detection, mitigation, and notification. Let these detectors do the work for you by shutting off valves, turning on fans, engaging horns and strobes, and provide notification to fire panels and building automation systems when gases reach key limits.

FPS uses these detectors for battery monitoring applications.

Why Install A Gas Detection System

The solution to pollution is dilution. The solution to vehicle exhaust in parking garages is dilution with “fresh” air drawn in by fans, louvers and doors until reaching an acceptable gas concentration. Macurco gas detectors provide automatic exhaust fan control to help maintain acceptable levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO), Combustible Gases (EX) or Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in parking garages. These detectors can also monitor: Hydrogen (H2) , Propane (LP), Methane (NG), Ammonia (NH3), Oxygen (O2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S).

Macurco Data Sheet

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