Water is everywhere in a commercial building, and that’s fine, as long as it stays where it belongs, in the heating, cooling, air-conditioning, vending, surface tracetek02water, sewerage and plumbing systems!

Just a small failure in any of these can create a staggering amount of damage and disruption—particularly if the leak goes unnoticed for any length of time.

Leak detection systems can detect and pinpoint the source of a leak to help you take decisive action long before the problem turns into a disaster.

Whether your concern is raised floor computer facilities, control rooms, operating theaters, telecommunications equipment, archival storage or a trading room, we have market-leading technologies and configurations to fit your needs.

With a leak detection system you can detect an unseen leak and locate it to the nearest foot with better than 0.1% precision.

Even small leaks in the wrong places cause downtime, disruption, and costly damage. And the aftermath ties up resources in clean-up and repair. Leak Detection technology lets you detect leaks at their source and pinpoint their location—so you can stop damage before it starts.

As modern commercial environments have grown in complexity, leak detection systems have evolved with design and integration flexibility. This means that systems can expand with the premises, integrate fully with Building Management Systems, and be tailored precisely to your needs.

tracetek03This genuine design flexibility means that leak detection systems are applicable almost anywhere. That’s why tens of thousands of our systems have been installed around the globe, to deal with an enormous variety of detection needs.

In a raised-floor computer room, a leak detection system provides distributed coverage that finds a leak before it becomes a problem. Cable is laid out at the perimeter of a room, near drains, water piping, and air conditioning.

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