Reliable and fast, Fike’s intelligent fire alarm panels can also be equipped with advanced smoke control interface modules. This intelligent option controls and allows manual override of remote air handling equipment (air handlers, dampers, pressurization fans, etc.) and indicates the current status of this equipment – all with no need for a separate smoke control system.

And we realize that not every facility or situation is the same. Select from two smoke control alternatives, to design the smoke control and fire alarm system that’s right for you:

CyberCat Fire Alarm Panel with Integrated Smoke Control

LED functions and control switches are located directly on the CyberCat fire alarm control panel. Available in each of the expanded alarm panel enclosure options, this allows you to easily access the smoke control options from a single, attractive panel.


Fire Fighter’s Smoke Control Graphic Panel

For easy, visual convenience for first responders, select the separate Smoke Control graphic panel. This easily read panel includes floor layouts, diagrams and is ideal for emergency responders to manually override and control remote air handling equipment – quickly controlling smoke during an emergency situation. This panel interfaces with a new or existing CyberCat fire alarm system with ease.